Our mission since 2018 has been to prevent public health crises and infectious disease outbreaks through Technology and widespread community education. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far.

AIDS Project Africa

40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide – 28.5 million of them are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Effective education and treatment is needed to support those infected and prevent further transmission.

This project aims to educate rural individuals and communities throughout Africa about effective prevention and treatment for a variety of infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDs. Through this project, we’ve conducted educational outreach events in the rural area of Nigeria, where individuals were tested for HIV; Hepatitis A, B, and C; Malaria; Typhoid; Hypertension; and Diabetes. We provided infected individuals with medications, therapies, food and nutrition information.

COVID-19 Food Relief Program

Society for Disease Prevention has provided rural communities in SE Nigeria with food relief. Because of travel restrictions, individuals had no means of acquiring food. 

We were able to support nearly 2000 families with basic nonperishable food items. The majority of individuals receiving support were the poorest of the community, averaging a net income of $1.50 per day. 

Our target is to also expand this program to communities within the United States, African countries, Asian countries, European countries, and Latin American countries that are hit with the deadly virus.

Community Water Supply Project

One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of diseases is by creating a more accessible water supply for communities. Without clean water, the possibility of contracting infectious diseases such as Cholera and Legionella are high. It is a typical practice for families in Africa to travel up to 10 miles in search of clean water. To solve this problem, our organization has undertaken the task of providing clean and portable water to over 500 communities.


In 2022, we created an avenue to help poor families obtain free access to quality healthcare in their respective languages. Through Volunteering, we have created a group of qualified healthcare professionals that would be available to meet virtually with the help of interpreters to provide primary care services patients free of charge. Patients would be able to talk about their symptoms, get laboratory orders for tests, prescriptions, or sent for further diagnosis at any local hospital within their locality.

Make a difference today by Volunteering!

We are always looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers to support our work. We would love to speak with you about opportunities to get involved!